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A group called ‘Immigrant X’ infiltrated and sabotaged an immigration database, falsifying information about hundreds of undocumented immigrants:



Original post by  on Friday, August 9, 2013, Immigrant

In the last month we managed to get a way into the hotlines of the immigration department where the public can inform on an “illegal immigrant”. We have teamed up with the PLU (Accidental Anarchist) an anarchist group that has helped us finding squats to house undocumented immigrants.  We managed to find the main temp agency hiring call centre workers and data entry clerks for the immigration departments call lines. Immigrant Y managed to keep a high level account to the immigration database alive for the last 2 months. This is giving us access to staff personnel records and hence the contract terms of employment and the temp agency  involved in call centre recruitment.

So here is how it works. Three members of the PLU got picked up by the temp agency the immigration department is using to hire call centre workers. From there two were assigned to perform data entry and make call backs on recorded messages and another member was given a job taking direct calls.

The plan was simply to make false data entries into the data base.  We simple replaced the informant data  with the “illegal immigrant” being informed on plus ensuring the “illegal immigrant” details were entered incorrectly (but similar).  Quite simple but it meant that we were able to make hundreds of false entries into the database. Immigrant Y created around 15 false accounts by reactivated temp staff accounts and creation of 5 fresh accounts. The PLU members could simply swap between these accounts when performing the data entry to ensure the data pollution was widespread across multiple accounts. This would mean if/when the false entries were detected a wide section of the data would be seen as suspect; basically all data entry at the call centre during before and after the PLU members employment. The reactivated accounts would also be seen as suspicious. Time and human resources by the immigration department would require the screening of data entry and all data would be seen as suspect shutting down this source of information used to target undocumented immigrants.

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We took  precautions  of course and changed all the personal details of the three PLU members so they cannot be identified by their real names or contact details as soon as they were employed in the immigration employment records. The link between the temp agency and PLU member would be lost in the immigration database. The PLU members gave false social security data and bank and contact details to the temp agency.  Unfortunately they will never be paid for their work.

The three members of the PLU walked off the job today. We thought that if they stayed any longer that there would be a risk they would  be found out.  We estimate that the immigration department will have to follow up on at least several dozen false leads wasting their time and energy from the 10 days and creating raids on informants which we hope will have a educational impact for them.

The last part of the plan will to actually inform the immigration department that their database has been polluted. We are still weighing the risks as to whether we will take this last step. We would be interested of course to hear what you think.

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