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Book Review: This Changes Everything

Naomi Klein’s latest book, This Changes Everything, is based on the premise that capitalism is the cause of the climate crisis, and to avert catastrophe, capitalism must go. The proposed solution is a mass movement that will win with arguments … Continue reading

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Decisive Ecological Warfare (DEW)

Decisive Ecological Warfare (DEW) is the strategy of a movement that has too long been on the defensive. It is the war cry of a people who refuse to lose any more battles, the last resort of a movement isolated, … Continue reading

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On Violence

Excerpt from pages 79 to 80 of the book Deep Green Resistance, Chapter 3, Liberals and Radicals: “Violence” is a broad category and we need to be clear what we’re talking about so that we can talk about it as a … Continue reading

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Lierre Keith at 2014 PIELC

Here are some sketchnotes I took during the early part of Lierre Keith’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference talk on the current state of environmental activism: Watch her full talk here (start at 2:02:00), and be sure to check out sketchnotes from the … Continue reading

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